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Introduction to the lab

The JQHe research group focuses on applying/developing varied advanced transmission electron microscopy techniques to determine the nanostructures/atomic structure of functional materials, thus providing insight into observed physical properties.This is of particular importance as electronic devices scale to ever vanishingly small dimensions, when the detailed arrangement of atoms at interfaces even inside materials begins to critically influence material properties.
We focus on three research areas: Transmission Electron Microscopy; Thermoelectric Materials; Structure-property Relationship.

Selected Publications

I. B.B. Jiang, Y. Yu, J. Cui, X.X. Liu, L. Xie, J. Liao, Q. Zhang, Y. Huang, S. Ning, B.H. Jia, B. Zhu, S.Q. Bai, L.D. Chen, S. J Pennycook, and J.Q. He* High-Entropy Stabilized Chalcogenides with High Thermoelectric Performance, Science, 371(2021) 830-834.


II. B.B. Jiang, W. Wang, S. Liu, Y. Wang, C. Wang, Y. Chen, L. Xie, M. Huang and  J.Q. He*, High figure-of-merit and power generation in high-entropy GeTe-based thermoelectrics,  Science, 377(2022) 208-213


III.  Y. Yu, X. Xu, Y. Wang, B.H. Jia, S. Huang, X.B. Qiang, ..., D. Wu, H.Z. Lu, M. Bosman, S.J. Pennycook, L. Xie* and J. Q. He*. Tunable quantum gaps to decouple carrier and phonon transport leeading to high-peeformance thermoelectrics,  Nature Communications, 13 (2022) 5612. 


IV.  L. Xie, J.H. Feng, R. Li, and J.Q. He*. First-principles study of anharmonic lattice dynamics in low thermal condcutivity AgCrSe2: Evidence for a large resonant four-phonon scattering, Physical Review Letters, 125(2020)245901.  


V. Y. Lu, Y. Zhou, W. Wang, M. Hu,  X. Huang, D. Mao, S. Huang, L. Xie, P. Lin, B.B. Jiang, B. Zhu, J. Feng, J. Shi, Q. Lou, Y. Huang, J. Yang, J. Li, G.D. Li, and J.Q. He*, Staggered-layer-boosted flexible Bi2Te3 films with high thermoelectric performance, Nature Nanotechnology, 18(2023)1281-1288.


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