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Dr. Lin XIE

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Dr. Lin XIE

  • Office: College of Science P4083
  • Email: xiel3@sustech.edu.cn
  • Mail Address: College of Science P4083, No. 1088, Xueyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, P.R.China


2007-2012 Ph.D. Tsinghua University

2003-2007 B.S. Tsinghua University

Professional appointment:

2017-present, Research Associate Professor at SUSTech

2012-2017, Research Associate at Nanjing University

Research Area:

High-resolution transmission electron microscopy, analytical electron microscopy, ferroelectrics, thermoelectrics

Selected Publications:

[1]  L.Xie et al., Giant ferroelectric polarizations in ultrathin ferroelectric films by boundary-condition engineering, Science Advances, submitted.

[2]  T.H. Kim, D. Puggioni, Y. Yuan, L. Xie et al., Polar Metals by Geometric Design, Nature 533, 68 (2016).

[3]  Y. Heo, J.H. Lee, L. Xie et al., Enhanced conductivity at orthorhombic-rhombohedral phase boundaries in BiFeO3 thin films, NPG Asia Materials 8, e297 (2016).

[4]  X.F. Chang, L. Xie* et al., Probing the light harvesting and charge rectification of bismuth nanoparticles behind the promoted photoreactivity onto Bi/BiOCl catalyst by (in-situ) electron microscopy, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 201, 495 (2016). (* co-first author)

[5]  T.J. Anderson, S. Ryu, H. Zhou, L. Xie et al., Metastable honeycomb SrTiO3/SrIrO3 heterostructures, Applied Physics Letters 108, 151604 (2016).

[6]  L. Xie, X.Q. Pan, Enhancement of Oxygen Contrast in a STEM HAADF Image of Perovskite Oxide SrTiO3 Using Maximum Entropy Method, Microscopy and Microanalysis 21, 2015.

[7]  J.R. Jokisaari, D. Bayer, K. Zhang, L. Xie et al., Polarization-Dependent Raman Spectroscopy of Epitaxial TiO2(B) Thin Films, Chemistry of Materials 27, 7896 (2015).

[8]  Y.F. Nie, P.D.C. King, C.H. Kim, M. Uchida, H.I. Wei, B.D. Faeth, J.P. Ruf, J.P.C. Ruf, L. Xie et al., Interplay of spin-orbit interactions, dimensionality, and octahedral rotations in semimetallic SrIrO3, Physical Review Letters 114, 016401 (2015).

[9]  Y.L. Li, L. Xie et al., Core structures of <001>{110} edge dislocations in BaTiO3, AIP Advances 5, 077172 (2015).

[10]  T. Shi, L. Xie et al., Why Sn doping significantly enhances the dielectric properties of Ba(Ti1-xSnx)O3, Scientific Reports 5, 8606 (2015).