JQH Research Group

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    220.  J. Guo, J. Yang, Z.H. Ge*, B.B. Jiang, Y. Qiu, Y. Zhu, X. Wang, J. Rong, X. Yu, J. Feng*, and J.Q. He* Realizing high thermoelectric performance in earth-abundant Bi2S3 bulk materials prepared by solution method and spark plasma sintering via halogen acid modulation, Submitted, 2021

  • 219

    219.  Y.F. Wang, P. Lin, Q. Lou, Z.C. Zhang, S. Huang*, Y. Lu*,  and J.Q. He*Design guidelines for the chalcogenide-based flexible thermoelectric materials, Submitted, 2021

  • 218

    218.  J. Cui, S.S. Li, C.L. Xia, Y. Chen* and J.Q. He*, Pressure effects on the electrical transport and anharmonic latticedynamics of r-GeTe: A first-principles study, Submitted, 2021

  • 217

    217.  L.Xie,  D. S. HeJ.Q. He*Rising Star Thermoelectric Material SnSe: a new paradigm in atomic blocks building intriguing physical properties, Submitted, 2021

  • 216

    216.  H. Wang, K. Wang, Y.P. Xu, W. Wang, S. Chen, M. Hart, L. Wojtas, L.-P. Zhou,  L. Gan, X. Yan, Y. Li,  J. Lee, X.-S. Ke,  X.-Q. Wang, C.-W. Zhang, S. Zhou, T. Zhai, H.-B. Yang, M. Wang,  J.Q. He, Q. Sun, B. Xu, Y. Jiao, P. Stang, X. Li, Self-assembly of double helical supramolecular nanowires with non-natural parastichy pattern, Submitted, 2021

  • 215

    215.  B. Zhu, W. Wang, J. Cui,  and J.Q. He*, Point Defect Engineering: Co-doping Synergy Realizing Superior Performance in n-type Bi2Te3 Thermoelectric Materials Advanced Funcational Materials Revised, 2021

  • 214

    214.  D. S. HeY. Huang, B. D. Myers, D. Isheim, X. Fan, Y. Deng, L.Xie, S. Han, Y. Qiu, L. Huang, V.P. Dravid,  J.Q. He*, Nanosized Monoatomic Palladium Metallic Glass, Submitted, 2021

  • 213

    213. S.B. Hu, Y.M. Zhu, Y.B. Zhang, S.M. Ke,* L. Xie, Y. Zhang, S.X. Hu, D.W. Zhang, Z.L. Luo, M. Gu, J.Q. He, P.H. Zhang, W.Q. Zhang, and L. Chen*, Electric Polarization Switching on an Atomically Thin Metallic OxideNano Letters, 21(2021)144-150(PDF)

  • 212

    212.  J.H. Feng, W. Wang, S. Huang, B.B. Jiang, B. Zhu, Y. Zhou,  J. Cui, P.J. Lin, L. Xie and J.Q. He*, Porous Thermoelectric Zintl: YbCd2Sb2,  ACS Applied Energy MaterialsAccepted, 2021 (PDF)

  • 211

    211.  Y. Huang, L.Xie,  D. S. He*, J.Q. He*Surface Crystallization of Amorphous Palladium NanoparticlesThe Journal of Physical Chemsitry C, 125(2021)1107-1112 (PDF)

  • 210

    210.  F. Yang, H.  Zhao, W. Wang, Q. Liu, X. Liu, Y. Hu, X. Zhang, D.S. He, Y. Xu, J.Q. He, R. Wang, Y. Li , Atomic Scale Evidence on Near-Surface Evolution of Cobalt with Carbon Feeding, CCS Chemistry, Accepted, 2021(PDF)

  • 209

    209.  S. Lu,  L. Xie, K. Lai, R. Chen, L. Cao, K. Hu, X. Wang, J. Han, X. Wan, J.Q. He*, J. Dai*, J. Chen*, Q. Dai, Z. Wang, G. Wang, F.Q. Song*  Plasmonic evolution of atomically size-selected Au clusters by electron energy loss spectrumNational Science Review, Accepted, 2021  (PDF 

  • 208

    208.  X. Xu,  J. Cui, Y. Yu, B. Zhu, Y. Huang, L. Xie, D. Wu, J.Q. He*Constructing van der Waals Gaps in Cubic-structured SnTe-based Thermoelectric MaterialsEnergy and Environmental Science,13(2020)5135 (PDF)      

  • 207

    207.  L.Xie, J.H. Feng, R. Li, J.Q. He*First-principles study of anharmonic lattice dynamics in low thermal conductivity AgCrSe2: Evidence for a large resonant four-phonon scattering, Physical Review Letters, 125(2020)245901(PDF)    

  • 206

    206.  S. Liu,  Y. Yu, D. Wu*, X. Xu, L. Xie, X. Chao, M. Bosman, S. Pennycook, Z. Yang*,  J.Q. He* Coherent Sb/CuTe Core/shell Nanostructure with Large Strain Contrast Boosting the Thermoelectric Performance of n-type PbTeAdvanced Funcational Materials207340(2020) (PDF) 

  • 205

    205.  J. Qi, B. Dong, Z. Zhang, Z. Zhang, Y. Chen, Q. Zhang , S. Danilkin, X. Chen, L. Fu, X. Jiang, G. Chai, S. Hiroi, K. Ohara, Z. Zhang, W. Ren, T. Yang, J.  Zhou, S. Osami, J.Q. He, D. Yu*, B. Li* , Z. Zhang Dimer rattling mode induced low thermal conductivity in an excellent acoustic conductor, Nature Communications, 11(2020)5197 (PDF)

  • 204

    204.  Yi Zhou,Tianpeng Ding, Minmin Gao, Kwok Hoe Chan, Ying Chen, Jiaqing He, and Ghim Wei Ho* Controlled heterogeneous water distribution and evaporation towards enhanced photothermal water-electricity-hydrogen production,  Nano Energy , 77(2020)105102 (PDF) 

  • 203

    203.  Z. Jiang,  H. Ming, X. Qin*, J. Zhang, C. Song, D. Li, H. Xin, J. Li, J.Q. He, Achieving High Thermoelectric Conversion Efficiency in P-type BST/PbSe Nanocomposites through Scattering Engineering StrategyACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12(2020)46181-46189(PDF)

  • 202

    202.  J. Guo,  Q. Lou, Y. Qiu, Z.-Y. Wang, Z.-H. Ge*, J. Feng*,  J.Q. He*, Remarkably enhanced thermoelectric properties of Bi2S3 nanocomposites via modulation doping and grain boundary engineering, Applied Surface Science, 520(2020)146341 (PDF) 

  • 201

    201. Wu Wang, Zhongzhao Sun, Jianghe Feng, Juan Cui, Limin Huang*, Jiaqing He*. Three-dimensional Insight on Formation and Light-harvesting of Hollow-structure Carbon NitrideACS Applied Energy Materials, 3(2020)7020(PDF)

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