JQHe Research Group

  • 230

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  • 229

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  • 228

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  • 227

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  • 226

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  • 225

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  • 224

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  • 223

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  • 222

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  • 221

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  • 220

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  • 219

    219.  (Invited)Y.F. Wang, P. Lin, Q. Lou, Z.C. Zhang, S. Huang*, Y. Lu*,  and J.Q. He*, Design guidelines for the chalcogenide-based flexible thermoelectric materials, Materials Advances,  2(2021)2584-2593 (PDF)

  • 218

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  • 217

    217.  L.Xie,  D. S. He, J.Q. He*, Rising Star Thermoelectric Material SnSe: a new paradigm in atomic blocks building intriguing physical properties, Materials Horizons, 8(2021)1847-1865 (PDF)

  • 216

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  • 215

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  • 214

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  • 213

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  • 212

    212.  J.H. Feng, W. Wang, S. Huang, B.B. Jiang, B. Zhu, Y. Zhou,  J. Cui, P.J. Lin, L. Xie and J.Q. He*, Porous Thermoelectric Zintl: YbCd2Sb2,  ACS Applied Energy Materials, 4(2021)913-920 (PDF)

  • 211

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