JQHe Research Group

  • 89

    89. Haijun Wu, Cheng Chang, Dan Feng, Yu Xiao, Xiao Zhang, Yanling Pei, Shengkai Gong, Jiaqing He*, Mercouri G. Kanatzidis*, Li-Dong Zhao*, Synergistically optimized electrical and thermal transport properties in SnTe via alloying high-solubility MnTe, Energy and Environmental Science, 8(2015)3298(PDF)

  • 88

    88. L.P. Hu, H.J. Wu, T.J. Zhu*, C.G. Fu, J. Q. He*, P.J. Ying, and X.B. Zhao* Tuning multi-scale microstructures to enhance thermoelectric performance of n-type bismuth telluride based solid solutions, Adv. Energy Mater., 5(2015)411 (PDF)

  • 87

    87. J. Wu, F. Li*, T.R. Wei, Z.H. Ge, F. Kang, J. Q. He , and J.F. Li*, Mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering of BiCuSeO oxyselenide: synthesis process and thermoelectric properties, Journal of the American Ceramic Society,  99(2015)507-514 (PDF)

  • 86

    86. D. Wu, X. Tong, L.D. Zhao, W. Li, L.J. Wu, Q, Tan, Y.L. Pei, L. Huang, J.F. Li, Y.M. Zhu, M.G. Kanatzidis and J. Q. He*, Superior Thermoelectric Performance in a PbTe-PbS Pseudo-binary: Extremely Low Thermal Conductivity and Modulated Carrier Concentration, Energy and Environmental Science, 8(2015)2056(PDF)

  • 85

    85. H.J. Wu, F.S. Zheng, D. Wu, Z.H. Ge, X.Y. Liu and J. Q. He*, Advanced Electron Microscopy For Thermoelectric Materials , Nano Energy, 13(2015)626 (PDF)