JQHe Research Group

  • 243

    243. Z. Wang, Q. Gao, W. Wang, Y. Lu, K.F. Cai*, Y. Li,  M. Wu, and J.Q. He*High performance Ag2Se/Ag/PEDOT composite films for wearable thermoelectric power generators, Materials Today Physics21(2021)1000553  (PDF)

  • 242

    242. T. P. Ding , Y. Zhou, X-Q. Wang, C.  Zhang, T. Li, Y. Cheng , W. Lu , J.Q. He, and G.W. Ho, All-soft stretchable thermogalvanic gel fabric for anti-deformity body heat harvesting wearable, Advanced Energy Materials, 11(2021)2102219  (PDF)

  • 241

    241. S.B. Hu, Y. Zhu, W. Han, X. Li, Y. Ji, M. Ye, C. Jin, S. Hu, J. Wang, J.L. Wang, J. Q. He, C. Cazorla*, and L. Chen*, High-Conductive Protonated Layered Oxides from H2O Vapor-Annealed Brownmillerites,  Advanced Materials (2021) 2104623(PDF)

  • 240

    240. (Invited)Y. Huang, X. Xu, D.S. He*, and J.Q. He*, Site Determination of Mn Atoms in Sn-Mn-Te Alloy by Electron Channeling Enhanced MicroanalysisApplied Physics Letters , 119(2021)243906 (PDF)       

  • 239

    239. (Invited)J.P. Sun, Z. Shu, J. Yang, T. Wang, B. Zhu*, and J.Q. He*, Realizing high thermoelectric performance in N-type Bi2Te3 compounds by Sb nano-precipitatesJournal of Applied Physics, 130(2021) 135103(PDF)  

  • 238

    238. F. Yang, H. Zhao, W. Wang, L. Wang, L. Zhang, T. Liu, J. Sheng, S.  Zhu, D. He, L.  Lin, J.Q. He*, R. Wang * and Y. Li * Atomic origins of the strong metal–support interaction in silica supported catalysts, Chemical Science,  12(2021)12651  (PDF)

  • 237

    237. Y. Lu, X. Li, K.F. Cai*, M. Gao, W. Zhao,  J.Q. He, and  P. Wei* Enhanced-Performance PEDOT:PSS/Cu2Se-Based Composite Films for Wearable Thermoelectric Power GeneratorsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,  13(2021) 631  (PDF)

  • 236

    236. P. Musavigharavi, F. Kurnia, L. Xie, C. Park, Y. Ng, J. Q. He, J. Hart, and N. Valanoor* ZnS-GaP Solid Solution Thin Films with Enhanced Visible-Light PhotocurrentACS Applied Energy Materials, 4(2021)10756-10761 (PDF)

  • 235

    235. Q. Gao, W. Wang, Y. Lu, K.F. Cai*, Y. Li, Z. Wang, M. Wu, C. Huang, and J.Q. He*High power factor Ag/Ag2Se composite film for flexible thermoelectric generator, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces,  13(2021)14327  (PDF)

  • 234

    234. T. Kapanya, B.B. Jiang, J.Q. He, Y. Qiu, C. Thanachayanont, and T. Sarakonsri*,  A Combination of Point Defects and Nanosized Grains to Minimize Lattice Thermal Conductivity of Sn and Se Co-doped CoSb3 via Mixed Ball Milling and Spark Plasma Sintering, Surface Review and Letters,  28(2021)2150089 (PDF)

  • 233

    233.  H. Liang, Q. Lou, Y.-K. Zhu, J. Guo, Z.-Y. Wang, S.-W. Gu, W. Yu, J. Feng*, J.Q. He*Z.-H. Ge*,  Highly Enhanced Thermoelectric and Mechanical Properties of Bi-Sb-Te Compounds by Carrier Modulation and Microstructure AdjustmentACS Applied Materials & Interfaces13(2021)45589  (PDF)

  • 232

    232.  X.Xu, J. Cui, L.W. Fu*, Y. Huang, Y. Yu, Y. Zhou, D. Wu*,  and J.Q. He*  Enhanced thermoelectric performance achieved in SnTe via the synergy of valence bands regulation and Fermi level modulation, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces13(2021)50037-50045 (PDF)

  • 231

    231. L. Hu, Y. Luo, Y. Fang, F. Qin, X. Cao, H. Xie, J. Liu, J. Dong, A. Sanson, M. Giarola, X. Tan, Y. Zheng, A. Suwardi, Y. Huang. K. Hippalgaonkar, J.Q. He, W. Zhang, J. Xu, Q. Yan*, and M.G. Kanantzidis* High thermoelectric performance through crystal symmetry enhancement in triply doped diamondoid compound Cu2SnSe3Advanced Energy Materials2021(2100661)  (PDF)

  • 230

    230. X. Qi, Y. Yu, X. Xu, J. Wang, F. Zhang, B. Zhu, J.Q. He,* X. Chao, Z. Yang,* D. Wu,*  Enhanced thermoelectric performance in GeTe-Sb2Te3 pseudo-binary via lattice symmetry regulation and microstructure stabilization, Materials Today Physics,  (2021)100507 (PDF)

  • 229

    229.  S. Liu,  Y. Yu, D. Wu*, X. Xu, L. Xie, X. Chao,  Z. Yang*,  J.Q. He* , Strained endotaxial PbS nano-precipitates boosting ultrahigh thermoelectric quality factor in n-type PbTe as-cast ingots, Small, (2021)2104496, (PDF)

  • 228

    228.  B. Qin, D. Wang, X.X. Liu, Y. Qin, J-F Dong, J.  Luo, J-W Li, W. Liu, G. Tan, X. Tang, J.-F. Li, J. Q. He*, L-D Zhao*,  Momentum and energy multiband alignment enable power generation and thermoelectric coolingScience, 373(2021)556-561 (PDF)

  • 227

    227. W. Wang, J. Cui, Z. Z. Sun, L. Xie, X. K. Mu, L. M. Huang, and J. Q. He*Direct Atomic-scale Structure and Electric Field Imaging of Triazine-based Crystalline Carbon Nitride,  Advanced Materials(2021)2106359   (PDF)

  • 226

    226. B.B. Jiang, Y. Yu, H. Y. Chen, J. Cui, X. X. Liu, L. Xie, J. Q. He*Entropy engineering promotes thermoelectric performance in p-type chalcogenides, Nature Communications, 12(2021)3234 (PDF

  • 225

    225. K.P. Zhao, E. Eikeland, D.S. He, W.J. Qiu, Z. Jin, Q. Song, T. Wei, P.F. Qiu, J. Liu, J.Q. He, B. Iversen, J. He, L.D. Chen, X. Shi, Thermoelectric materials with crystal-amorphicity duality induced by large atomic size mismatch, Joule, 5(2021)1183-1195  (PDF)   

  • 224

    224.  X. Gao, X. Li, Y. Yu, Z.K. Kou, P. Wang, X. Liu,J. Zhang, J.Q. He*, S. Mu*, J. Wang*, Synergizing Aliovalent Doping and Interface in Heterostructured NiV Nitride@Oxyhydroxide Core-Shell Nanosheet Arrays Enables Efficient Oxygen Evolution, Nano Energy, 85(2021)105961  (PDF)   

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